About Us

To connect pre-owned vehicles to a potential buyer, giving our customer full purchase disclosure on the vehicle(s) of their choice. Additional, if we don’t have your vehicle in inventory, we will find the vehicle(s) of your choice with meeting your goal in mind.


All Bout Rovers was organized on quality and the love of automobiles; Founder & Chief Designer Rev. Leland Core's passion, drive for quality automobile repairs, his background in electronics, and love for Land Rover trucks. All Bout Rovers is a place to find quality vehicles, parts and service for all of your Land Rover needs.

Our Sales Mission

All Bout Rovers
1234 Richardson Street
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Email: rovertrucks@gmail.com

Tel:  1-866-433-0471
Fax: 1-866-615-2673

We believe in reliable vehicles and affordability, we give full disclosure on every vehicle. Our specialty is Land rover vehicles; we just love quality vehicles and assisting our customers in that process.

Our goal… Who we are…

We are moving to Jackson, GA
Email: rovertrucks@gmail.com

Tel:  1-866-433-0471
Fax: 1-866-615-2673

We will continue to co-locate with other service partners to expand the brand and service