Do not make large Purchases from Advance Auto Parts

Over the past 2 years we've purchased over 15 batteries for our sister company to properly manage the fleet

First, your battery must maintain a still charge voltage of +12.2 volts

Must batteries over 3 months will not hold a +12.3 volts if its not started daily

Newer cars have memory running in silent mode to keep your technology active and current...

Although the battery we purchased from Advance Auto Parts was clearly defective with all of their stickers on it, they claimed they could not honor the replacement due to not seeing it in the system (first being told the battery sale was seen in their system with another purchase date, which was true due to the original battery going bad, it appears they don't update their system... hence the reason(s) they can't find your battery, leaving you with a bad battery out of warranty

This battery was leaking acid and would not hold a charge over 10.5 volts (not enough to keep the car charged to crank)

After dealing with the battery drama, we've decided to make a stance on this poor manufacturing and customer services

Advance Auto Parts... sales a battery which clearly have the 2 warranty posted, but will not properly honor this warranty

Even after contacting them by phone and through social media, to our surprise; their choice was not deny and not cover it 

You have been warned!!! This is not our first run in with Advance Auto Parts not standing behind their purchases