AR9100 Nanoborate Friction Modifier

Archoil’s AR9100 Friction Modifier contains potassium tetraborate nanoparticles suspended in an ester complex. Potassium tetraborate provides outstanding extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection to engines, gearboxes, differentials and hydraulic systems. This reduces component wear and extends equipment life. AR9100 also extends oil life, demonstrates beneficial cleaning capabilities and reduces friction as well as friction heat.

AR9100 restores stuck injectors and eliminates associated cold start issues in 6.0L and 7.3L PowerStrokes (and other HEUI equipped vehicles).

Fuel System Cleaners

AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex

Quality issues with diesel and gasoline fuel affect MPG, power, emissions, equipment life and other aspects of vehicle performance. AR6200 is a fuel treatment that addresses the major limitations of carbon-based fuels and improves combustion quality, yielding a cleaner and more complete burn resulting in a boost in performance and efficiency.

AR6400 PEA Concentrate Fuel System & Engine Cleaner

AR6400 High Concentrate Fuel System Cleaner is designed to remove carbon, varnish and sludge in the fuel system and engine. AR6400 quickly reduces soot emissions/deposits and restores lost engine performance and fuel economy in addition to having unique properties that help protect surfaces from further deposit build-up. Archoil produces AR6400-D for Diesel engines and AR6400-G for Gasoline engines.

AR5100 is an industrial grade pH neutral (not acidic) rust and oxidation remover that quickly and effectively removes even the heaviest corrosion from metals.

AR5100 works through a process called chelation in which a large synthetic molecule forms a strong bond with metal oxides (rust), but not with the host metal, and then pulls the rust from the surface.

AR8100 is designed for extreme pressure and temperature applications and to provide outstanding lubricity, wear reduction and corrosion protection in heavy equipment, trucks, automobiles, locomotives, marine and other extreme environments.