P38 Range Rover BeCM Functions

The image below gives you an idea of the P38 Range Rover system layout and shows how each part of the system interacts with the BeCM.

Some control units use a serial bus as a means of communicating data between the control units. This cuts down the amount of wiring loom needed.

1: Instrument Pack
2: SRS Control Unit
3: Selector lever Display Panel
4: Engine Bay Fuse Box
Power Supply
5: Maxi Fuse
6: Maxi Fuse
7: Maxi Fuse
8: Cruise control ECU
9: Transfer Box ECU
10: Engine ECU
11: Auto Box ECU
12: BECM
13: Air Suspension ECU
16: Switch Pack
17: R/H Door Outstation
18: L/H Door Outstation
19: R/H Seat Outstation
20: L/H Seat Outstation
21: Stereo/CD Player
22: Diagnostic Socket

BeCM Connetors  Click Here

Should you need more information on the wiring, pleaese click on the link above BeCM