P38 Range Rover Central Locking Faults

The most common central locking fault on a P38 is an EKA Code lockout and then not being able to enter the code correctly due to a faulty door lock actuator.

The following will hopefully help you diagnose problems with your central locking.

The 2 front Door lock actuators are connected to their respective door outstations, one in each front door.


The Becm communicates with each door outstation by the use of serial data.

The serial data bus uses 4 wires between the becm and door outstation. 4 to the left door and 4 to the right door.

The Door Outstations are responsible for controlling the Wing mirrors, Front Electric windows and Front Door Locks.

Door outstations are used because the amount of wiring loom needed can be drastically reduced. Instead of having cables for every switch or motor, commands can be sent to the outstation using just 4 wires.


The outstation then processes those commands and operates the selected function. All the necessary wiring can be kept to the interior of door and doesn't need to be routed through the hinge.

The system uses the following connections.

Left Door connection: Becm plug C362 Pins 1,8,9,10 to Door Outstation Plug C755L Pins 13,3,15,14

Right Door connection: Becm Plug C326 Pins 9,10,12,19 to Door Outstation Plug C755R Pins 14,15,3,13

The rear Door lock actuators are connected directly to the becm.

Left Rear Door connection: Becm Plug C361


Right Rear Door connection: Becm Plug C325