Customer matters... on the Freelander

100,000 miles

I purchased this car less than a year ago. Time for inspection and car has many problems looked on line at complaints and I am sick to see what I am in for with this car. It is sucking up coolant, (bad sign), head gasket, oil in coolant, engine failure. Why was I allowed to buy this car" do we have consumer protection? I purchase car from dealer that sold 85% land rovers. Do you think they new what I was in for? yes!. you shouldn't allow cars to be sold in America if there is no actual fix for the car. I read that engine replacement is bad as original. Will someone buy this car" I wouldn't want to be shady and tell someone this is a good car.

- Angleton, TX, USA

5,235 miles

I was driving the car away from my house and the engine died. It wouldn't restart and after about 2 minutes of trying, it started making a grinding noise. When I took it to a mechanic, he said it had blown the head gasket, then the piston rod had collapsed, so the engine was virtually ruined. The vehicle had 96,000 miles on it. Land Rover produced thousands of these vehicles with faulty engines(the 2.5 V-6). I also want to know if there is a class-action lawsuit filed against Land Rover and how to get involved with it.

- Murray, UT, USA

50,000 miles

Freelander 2002 has had many defects. The transmission failed at approx. 50K miles & was replaced. Power windows failed. A/C hose cracked & repaired. Manifold replaced. Exterior brake lights have been replaced. Electrical power to passenger door lock system have been replaced. Now, at 70K miles the coolant leaking and engine knocking. Not worth replacing engine at this point. This car has cost more to repair than what is was worth. It should be recalled as a lemon & law suit against Land Rover.

- Schaumburg, IL, USA


42,000 miles

Both head gaskets are leaking coolant from all four corners. This is a common failure in this model caused by the cylinder sleeves coming loose. The sleeves contact the head gaskets causing them to leak. Eventually the engine fails. There have been continuing coolant problems with this car since new. When it was a month old all the coolant disappeared. The dealer offered no explanation. Since then the coolant reservoir and temperature sensor have been replaced. It has always leaked coolant.

- New Castle, NH, USA



120,840 miles

I’ve had numerous problems over several years, including (but not limited to) sudden loss of coolant and oil. And yesterday, a strong smell of hot oil, and sudden squealing from right, front wheel. 2 complete loss of engine power. Vehicle is no longer drivable. 3 contacted landrover.

- South San Francisco , CA, USA


101,000 miles

I took my 2002 Land Rover Freelander into Land Rover to be service because my transmission was slipping and the check engine light was on. They said it wasn't the transmission but it was the upper intake manifold, the vacuum hoses, and sensor that was causing the problem. So we had them replace the manifold, hoses and sensors. The service manager keep narrating that it wasn't the transmission. We picked up the car the next day again the service manager assist it wasn't the transmission and the car is running perfectly. As soon as I went about 2 miles my transmission started slipping. I took the car back to Land Rover the next day irritated. The car spent 5 days at the shop trying to find out the problem. Which was indeed the transmission, they didn't offer to fix the transmission but to refund the money and put the old parts back in. Which we agree to unless they guarantee it would be in the same condition. It was making more noise then before, 2 weeks later the timing belt broke. This car is a lemon. Its doesn't make since how the engine, the timing belt, the transmission, and the upper intake manifold all fell at once. The car is not running and stuck in my drive way.

- Sarasota, FL, USA


2002 Land Rover Freelander defective engine replacement after taking the vehicle to the dealership, the consumer was informed the engine had a design flaw. The consumer was also informed it would cost$5,800, but the replacement engine also had a design flaw. The vehicle had a coolant leak. The first coolant leak was found during an inspection. The coolant overflow reservoir was replaced due to a crack in the plastic container. The second leak had to be performed due to the thermostat leaking. Upon completion of the coolant leak repair, the technician noticed there was a knocking type noise in the engine. The consumer brought the vehicle back to the dealer and the noise had become louder. After listening to the motor and isolating the knocking noise, it was determined the noise was in the area of the #2 cylinder connecting rod deep into the engine block. A cause was never determined for the failure of the engine.

- Burnsville, MN, USA


60,000 miles

My husband and I purchased a 2002 Freelander type S with around 60,000 miles on it. After owning it for less then a week it started overheating. Each time it would start to overheat, it would require us to immediately pull off the road to prevent the engine block from cracking. I took it into the landrover dealer to find out what the problem could and was told that the cylinder sleeve was slipping causing coolant to leak into the engine and mix with oil and will eventually cause the engine to freeze. The only remedy for this problem was to replace the engine at the cost of 12,000 dollars and that does not include labor costs. After reading quite a few complaints this seems to be the number one problem with this vehicle. Landrover should be at fault and should recall the faulty parts in the engine!

- Honolulu, HI, USA


I own a 2002 Freelander SE that has had nothing but problems that have left the car stalling on the road or overheating. I have all repair paperwork and have obeyed all regular maintenance schedules. The engine should have been replaced but Land Rover refuses to make the necessary repairs. Other issues have been experienced throughout the life of the car. The vehicle was purchased new.

- King Of Prussia, PA, USA


90,000 miles

Since I purchased my 2002 landrover Freelander in Aug of 2007 with 63456 miles on it, I have taken it in for numerous costly repairs. The first being 12 days after the purchase in attempt to fix what I thought was causing the disappearance of my coolant, the cracked coolant reservoir was replaced, only to find out to the engine would continually overheat and I would become stranded on the road on at least 3 occasions even after I had taken it in by this point and had it suction tested to see if a leak could be located with in the coolant system and was told it passed. So I continued to operate the vehicle shuttling myself to and from school and work, stocking my vehicle with necessary coolant to maintain the proper level. After a traumatic incident on the freeway in I June 2008, where I was forced to quickly pull to the shoulder going form 60 to zero while still in traffic, I took the car in to have it serviced again where I soon found out the coolant contaminated the oil because of the seal slipping (through research of my own I have learned the material the seal is made of is in adequate to hold high temperatures for even a reasonable life of the car). Unable to afford the costly replacement of the engine which was advised at this time, 6/08 (over the worth of the vehicle at $7,579 + taxes new and with multiple research attempts done to find a used one with no success because it's such a common problem with these models) I bought some time with an engine flush only to have the internal damage the seal failure had caused result in the complete seizure of my engine as of 1/09. I have been put in harms way in near misses of causing an accident as I uncontrollably come to a stop and soon after sit helplessly on the side of the road through no fault of my own, countless times do to the manufactures negligence for the safety of the operator. Even after this whole ordeal, I still find myself fortunate to only be out a costly vehicle and not the loss of my life.

- Everett, WA, USA


83,000 miles

Bought the car used 2002 Freelander Land Rover V6 and drove it. Day four heard a loose bolt sound, it went away. Later that day driving home with children in the car, it died on the freeway, no warning lights, no warning at all, just died. Turns out the timing belt broke and broke the valves and now they want to replace the entire engine. I paid 4K for the car and it will cost 6K to repair. This car is dangerous. We had to move over 3 highway lanes with no power and sit on the side of the road for 1.5 hours to be towed. I had my children in the car with me, this was very very scary!

- Chicago Park, CA, USA


Many Land Rover Freelanders are having serious problems due to the faulty construction of the engine. Prior to complete engine failure, there may be unexplained coolant loss, overheating, and other problems related to head gasket failure. Because the cylinder liners are steel and the block is alloy, the cylinder liners tend to work their way into the block. When this happens, there is no way to repair the vehicle short of engine replacement, and many of the replacement engines have the same construction defect as the original vehicle.

- St. Petersburg, FL, USA


50,000 miles

I have a 2002 Freelander bought new 50000 miles later new engine 4000 miles later new transmission 45000 miles needs another engine through in a window problem to. According to the dealership I was told that there is a design flaw in the engine and the company that makes the engine is no longer in business and Land Rover wont help because the second engine only had a 1 year warranty. Land Rover needs to standby their product especially when they knew there were problems with this engine what can be done.

- Desmoines, IA, USA


62,000 miles

I have had my 2002 Land Rover Freelander maintained meticulously... but the engine kept over heating and I had disappearing coolant. Now I am in need of a 3rd engine and I only have 62,000 miles on my car. Since my vehicle is out of warranty a new engine will cost me $10,000. Land Rover said they would pay half of a new engine. But admit they put a faulty engine in 2 years ago when I received my 2nd engine.

- Grandville, MI, USA


63,00 miles

I bought a 2002 Land Rover Freelander as a 2nd owner of the vehicle from a local car dealership. Since the purchase of the vehicle, I replaced a sunroof, a transmission, the brakes require constant replacement (more often than should be necessary), a passenger door window motor and the engine has been replaced once and now has blown again - I am unable to have this engine replaced #1 there are no more engines as the landrover dealer only made this defective model 1 year and there have been so many engines replaced by other owners that there are no other engines available. Even if there were any engines I would not pay $10,000 to have another "defective" engine placed in this vehicle. There are over 1400 messages on the edmond outlining other peoples similar complaints. This defective vehicle has caused countless people's credit to be ruined, and financial hardship to untold families. I wonder why nothing has been done already with all the complaints that have been filed. Landrover needs to reimburse these owners the money they have spent - such as myself on repairs, constantly in the shop and having to pay for rental vehicles. The local dealer was rude and had absolutely no sympathy and actually told me after bringing my vehicle in to them over and over that "he will be glad when my husband and I get out from under this vehicle" and admitted that this vehicle had been a problem for them. But... the dealer wouldn't even offer us a free oil change for all of our hardships. It is a shame. I hope eventually something is done before this company "bellies up" and files bankruptcy and all of these families that have been ruined will have no recourse for their financial woes as a result of this horrible situation. Please help any way you can!

- Soddy Daisy, TN, USA


75,000 miles

My car was overheating, had $1200 worth of repairs; now they are telling me it needs a new engine for $9000. Through the internet I have learned how many complaints there are with the 2002 Land Rover Freelander - basically, after 70,000 miles it needs a new engine, this will be followed with a new transmission. My car has 75,000 miles and is sitting at the dealer, Land Rover "volunteered" to pay 20-percent; the Land Rover dealer "volunteered" to pay 20-percent...leaving me with 60-percent. They are aware of the problem - and will not do the right thing.

- Berkley, MI, USA


10,000 miles

Many problems. 1st. Thermostat failure before 200 mile mark. Replaced. Coolant leaks. Heater replaced, leaking coolant. Engine sound like a diesel truck, never told what it was. Sunroof broke 3 times. Transmission replaced twice. Steering column was not bolted correctly, steering wheel always off center. Coolant still leaks...

- Evanston, IL, USA


My 2002 landrover Freelander has spent more time in the mechanic shop than it has spent in my driveway! before the warranty expired, I took it into the Encino dealership several times with the same problem. The last time I had it towed there, the car had just dumped all of its fluids onto the floor and was smoking again. This keeps happening over and over and over. Dealership said they checked and the car was fine. Warranty expired and problem continued to occur. Took it to another mechanic and was told there is a major problem with the transmission -- must be replaced. Also having problems with the coolant leaking--have tried to fix the issue several times--still have same problem. Mechanic discovered a crack in the engine. If this is starting to sound familiar it is because there are several different forums online with 2002 Freelander owners all saying the same thing! what is being done about this"?"!!!! the repairs were extremely costly for me as a college student and now as a mother of a newborn I am terrified to drive the car for fear of something serious happening! I have even been told by mechanics and even the service manager at the pasadena landrover dealership that landrover is aware of the problems and warned me it is a lemon! I have been calling landrover's corporate offices for weeks and am still waiting for some kind of answer...

- Burbank, CA, USA


70,000 miles

Bought a 2002 Land Rover Freelander used a little over a year ago with under 55,000 miles. Just got it back yesterday from the shop with an estimated repair cost of over $10000 and that is just in parts not labor. Did some research on the vehicle and come to find out others have had the same problems with less mileage on there vehicles and there have been absolutely no recalls on this vehicle that include any of these problems. The worst of which being the engine leaking antifreeze into the oil. This could cause the motor to overheat and seize and lock up. Who knows what kind of damage or what kind of accident this could have caused if this had happened to the vehicle when my wife was driving to work. We lucked out and discovered the problems before my wife, myself or anyone else got hurt. There are major problems with these vehicles and landrover should be held responsible.

- Milton, VT, USA


The 2002 Land Rover Freelander has been nothing but trouble since I purchased it in 2005. It has always had problems with overheating, when I talked to the dealership about it, they told me the Freelander burnt through coolant faster than most cars. I did not think it was normal for it to burn through a gallon of coolant every 3-4 weeks. This has continued since then. Until now, my Freelander"S timing belt broke ( at 60,800) well before recommended changing of the belt and has essentially totaled my car. Since it will cost me a minimum of $4,500 to fix it. (up to $8,500). The car is only worth $8,000.

- Okc, OK, USA

80,000 miles


I own a 2002 Land Rover Freelander, with a need of a new engine. I have spent over $10,000 in repairs to date and now they tell me I need a new engine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Yonges Island, SC, USA


83,000 miles

Problem started out with engine oil leaking into engine cooling system on or about September 15, 2008. Engine coolant leaked from system, causing vehicle to overheat and stall in traffic. Root cause of failure still to be determined. Vehicle is now out of service.

- Northport, AL, USA


61,000 miles

This car had only 61000 miles on it and needed a new engine. Coolant leaked into engine just 3 weeks after I paid $2K for work on the coolant system (reservoir, hoses) and a plenum valve replacement to address the same problem it was then experiencing (overheating and engine revving). Dealer said a piston sleeve had slipped. Full engine replacement required. This car has received all of its recommended service appointments and had a new transmission at 50K miles.

- Arlington, VA, USA


100,000 miles

We were hearing a loud noise and had no idea what it was. As it turns out we were first told that it needed a new engine, however after careful diagnostics we were finally told that it needs a new intake manifold. This is about $2200. That includes labor costs and part. I have no money and the car just sits in the front of my house and is not drivable at all. I still owe so much on this car and have no idea what to do....

  • Kennesaw, GA, USA


29,000 miles

Service history at plaza motors overview date issue repairs date returned 6/7/06vehicle stalled, won't start battery replaced6/8/2006 6/16/2006vehicle stalled, won't start replaced ignition switch, key reader7/17/2006 8/15/2006vehicle stalled, won't start, intermittent start replaced fuel pump8/18/2006 6/5/2007vehicle stalled, won't start secured started wire6/6/2007 6/7/2007vehicle stalled, won't start, intermittent start replaced immobilizer 2 times8/20/2007 11/16/2007vehicle won't accelerate replaced intake manifold, engine, heater core3/5/2008 5/16/2008vehicle won't accelerate want to replace entire transmission5/19/2008 notes: Freelander was purchased on June 3, 2006. Freelander broke down 3 days after purchased.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA


75,000 miles

Vehicle was purchased with 40,000 miles on it from a dealership in December of 2004. Day after vehicle was purchased rear window motor broke. Dealership replaced. Two weeks later car began to lose power, dealership replaced sensor. Loss of power again dealership ending up performing engine work. Vehicle continually displaced hill decent / track control light. Dealership replaced. At 65000 miles keyless entry stopped unlocking all doors with the exception of the driver's side door. Doors can no longer be unlocked from the inside as well. Rear passenger window on driver's side does not go down. Loss of power issue is happening again now at 75,000 miles.

- Keene, NH, USA


89,587 miles

We purchased a 02 Freelander by Land Rover and it has turned out to be a lemon. Repairs after repairs. It overheats and when it does it overheats the starter causing it to fail as well if it overheats too much it causes the head gaskets to blow or a crack on the engine.

- San Jose, CA, USA


49,015 miles

After buying the car used @ 42,000 miles my 2002 Land Rover Freelander was immediately diagnosed a month after intermittent starting problems with a blown head gasket and I needed a new engine. My car is a safety hazard as it stopped randomly of a highway and left me stranded. I am not the only person experiencing this blown head gasket problem as it is an engineering failure of this SUV. Land Rover will not help, this is a disgrace that so many people have suffered from this problem and nothing has been done.

- Chicago, IL, USA


60,000 miles

I have a Land Rover Freelander that started having coolant leakage in early February of 2007. I tried to get the car in to get fixed and was put off by Land Rover until my warranty expired. They never fixed it. It leaks coolant constantly, it looses power, it over heats and steams, the coolant is an oily brown color no matter how many times I flush it. This car has a bad head gasket I'm afraid and I've read about and know many people with the exact same problem. I've replaced the reservoir bottle, flushed the coolant, replaced the thermostat and nothing fixes the problem. I had a month long battle with Land Rover to fix it and they refused. This entire engine needs to be recalled, this is a terrible car and a hazard on the road, I'm scared every time I see a Freelander that it's going to blow something and kill someone on the freeway, Land Rover should be ashamed and all the cars should be recalled.

- North Salt Lake, UT, USA


58,000 miles

The engine started to overheat so I pulled over on the interstate and let engine cool, this continued until I was able to make it home. Dealer now says that the engine needs a new heads and head gaskets. Apparently this is a common problem on this vehicle. After locating this site I do believe that this is a defect in manufacturing.

- Harlingen, TX, USA


61,000 miles

.2002 Land Rover Freelander 61,000 miles - head gasket gone - overheating - no engines available.

- Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 00, USA

50,300 miles

Our well-maintained 2002 Freelander had engine and transmission failure within 6 months of reaching 50,000 miles. In both cases the failures occurred during highway driving with no warning lights or indications of problems. In both cases the loss of power/control posed a serious health hazard to everyone in the car. One of these events occurred immediately following service and safety check by the dealer. This care is so badly designed that is a driving hazard and should be recalled in its entirety. The very extensive information on major failures without warning attest to the dangers that this vehicle is imposing on the public on a daily basis.

- Lexington, MA, USA

53,772 miles

We currently have a Landrover Freelander that is on its third engine (within 1 year). We are continuously inconvenienced with this vehicle having issues that bring it back to the dealership they claim to fix the issue and within 3,000 miles we are back again like clockwork. Landrover does know about this issue, and we have a vehicle that we could never sell to anyone else, purchased an extended warranty on, and have absolutely no recourse with. I brought the car in last week for them to fix an issue, service engine light was on and I was inhaling coolant fumes; they stated that it was fixed, no sooner than 4 hours after I picked the car up on Friday afternoon, did the same check engine light go on and I currently am driving around inhaling fumes from coolant again. When do these issues get resolved. It has been over a year of the same issues with a car, that the sales woman's words to my husband were, the first vehicle created by landrover is still on the road. My car was purchased new, has approx. 57,600 miles on it, it is 5 years old, and for the last year and a has had nothing but issues. I asked the service manager how many of these models have had issues stated, more than he would like to admit. Please let me know what can be done. At this point my husband would like the extended warranty money back and at least half of the book value of the vehicle.

- Miller Place, NY, USA

We purchased a 2002 Land Rover Freelander. The car has had numerous occasions of overheating, losing coolant and oil and we have now been told a new engine is needed. The car owner was also told at 50,756 miles that a new transmission was necessary. Apparently Land Rover is aware of this recurring problem with this vehicle, but is doing nothing to correct the problems. There has been occasions when the car stops or overheat is causing potential safety concerns/problems for the car occupants as well as other drivers.

- Baltimore, MD, USA

75,000 miles

Transmission failure at 75,000 miles. Excessive check engine light warnings. Bad sensors. Engine noise.

- Davenport, IA, USA


50,000 miles

Water pump failed, took to dealer for replacement, gas pump failed took it to shop to replace it, gas tank lid failed, both one from dealer to replace it, engine cooling system failed, transmission failed, took it to shop they refuse to fix, they say is not their fault and is not cover by warranty anymore, window motor failed, windshield wiper switch failed, headlights failed, coolant container crack, replaced with new one from dealer. Stop light recalled. Air filtering system retains water which allows mold to grow, air filters replaced.

- Novato, CA, USA


Engine failed due to a design flaw. Needed to replace engine.

- St. Louis, MO, USA

82,253 miles

I was driving to get dinner with my daughter and my landrover Freelander just fell dead while driving. This incident could have been fatal if it had happened on the freeway. I had the car towed to my home less than 2 miles away and had a certified Land Rover mechanic come to inspect the vehicle. He informed me that the motor locked up for no apparent reason. The car was not low on oil, nor had it been overheating and there were no other liquids mixed in the oil. The only option going forward would be to have the entire engine replaced. This vehicle has had one mechanical failure after another and is not worth the money spent.

- Houston, TX, USA

My 2002 Land Rover Freelander has experienced sluggish acceleration to a jolt and dowshifts on its own at freeway speed. About 2 weeks after buying it used I took it to a local repair shop and they said I needed a new transmission, had it towed back to the dealer and they said it didn't. needless to say they wouldn't replace it. It has a overheating problem which is continuous. The engine sounds like it has no oil in it, even after an oil change I have to check it to make sure because the noise is so loud. The hdc light comes on and the vehicle seems to drive in an almost 4wheel low at all times. There was antifreeze in my oil. This vehicle has major problems!!!!!!!! - Ridgecrest, CA, USA


52,400 Miles

My landrover Freelander SE (2002) stop in the middle of the road due to loss of power... so many customers have various complaint against Land Rover product, .... see following complaints from various people. Landrover still selling cars in us, how long it will take for us government to interfere and help consumers to provide support? we must do something asap and don't approve any cars from manufacturers like Land Rover. Please respond at your convenience,

- Cary, NC, USA


79,200 Miles

During the repair of our transmission, we began to get check engine lights. After the transmission was fixed, it was taken to the dealer for service. Upon driving to the dealer, the car had no power. This became very difficult to drive and dangerous. Trying to get up to the 65 mph speed limit on a freeway took almost 2 miles. I was also worried the car would stall in traffic due to this condition. The car was serviced and it was determined that the mass airflow sensor and the variable intake motors 1 and 2 had failed. The variable intake motors had failed 15,000 miles /12 months before and were replaced during the long block replacement. After all repairs were completed the car was taken home. The next day the check engine light came on. The following day I scheduled an appointment. During the drive to the dealer, the same power problems were present. This made driving this car dangerous in that there was no way to know if it would accelerate. The dealer then determined that the air intake manifold gasket had cracked. This too was a new part from the long block repair 15,000 miles /12 months prior. Right now this repair is being performed. The Land Rover dealer acknowledges that these car should not be owned without any type of warranty due to the numerous problems.

- Roseville, CA, USA


87,000 Miles

Head gasket failure.

- Medway, MA, USA


73,888 Miles

In October of 2002 my husband and I purchased a 2002 Freelander from landrover North dade of Florida. The car was in the showroom with minimal miles. Within three(3) days of purchase we returned the car because it shook violently after reaching a speed of 50 mph. I must admit the dealership advised us of some type of malfunction and offered us an exact replacement Freelander. At that point we should have asked for a refund of our cash payment and left landrover alone. It has been a completely expensive nightmare diving this lemon with its myriad of problems: Repeated overheating, loss of power without warning (often times resulting in close call situations, replaced brakes and rotor (lost count), not to mention an air conditioner unit that only works on full power(imagine that in Florida). At present, the vehicle is at an authorized landrover repair shop because the warranty has ended. The landrover dealership has been negligent even rude when approached regarding all these mechanical defects. Two weeks out of every two to three months, my young children and I are without transportation and at least $800 minimum, each time. Most importantly however is my fear to drive the car at all, and to add insult to injury, we are offered $3000 by carmax when we attempted to sell them a car we purchased for over $30,000. With 73K miles.

- Miami, FL, USA


50,654 Miles

Land Rover, Freelander hse 2002. Engine valve leak, 5th cylinder not firing, catalytic sensor went bad, pressure valve leakage. The car stooped all of a sudden. Just crossed the manufacturer's warranty, by 700 miles.

- Malden, MA, USA


37,100 Miles

I purchased a new 2002 Freelander from Land Rover Fort Worth (tx) in January of 2002. While under warranty the car had numerous problems. My warranty expired in February of 2006 (4 years), but due to my low mileage 32,000 miles, I did not purchase an extended warranty. Since February 2006, I have replaced the brakes for the 3rd time ($1000), had the engine overheat due to a faulty temp gauge which in turn blew the intake gasket ($1500), replaced the heater core again (pd. For by dealership), and am now faced with replacing the entire transmission ($5000). My transmission trouble began in early August 2006, when the car began to jerk and shudder unexpectedly. I immediately took the car into the dealership to check out the issue. They replaced the transmission temp sensor and said the care was fixed. I picked up the "fixed" car and 4 hours later the dangerous jumping/shuddering happened again. While attempting to drive the car back to the dealership, the problem grew worse and several warning lights lit up on the dash. I pulled over and the car was then flatbedded to the dealership. The next diagnosis was that an electronic computer chip (ecc) for the transmission needed to be replaced. The part was ordered and installed - but this did not fix the problem. The dealership now states that the entire transmission needs to be replaced for $5000. The car currently has 37,000 miles (highway and city miles only - no off-roading) and has been serviced on time and only at lr dealerships for routine maintenance. I find this entire situation unacceptable.

- Washington, DC, USA


37,100 Miles

This is about transmission failure for 2002 landrover/Freelander. Keeping the car in best shape and maintaining on schedule, still the transmission went bad with less than 40,000 mileage. Car warranty is for 50K or 4 years. Unfortunately, the warranty was up in January 2006. Engine has special noise and car is coming apart. Window does not roll up and down, rear seat got stuck and wouldn't get its position. One problem after another, but the main one is the transmission.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA


4,000 Miles

My Land Rover Freelander has had 2 engine failures under 50K mi., the first at 26K and the second 24K later. 2 sunroof replacements, 2 side window repairs, 1 overheating incident, and the car just runs hot all the time, with hot coolant smell.

- Fresno, CA, USA


32,000 Miles

2002 Land Rover Freelander has problems with faulty cam sensor, faulty sunroof, transmission and battery. The battery and struts were replaced. The driver's side window would not close or open easily, so the dealer replaced the regulator. The vehicle overheated. The engine light illuminated and different components were replaced to try and rectify the problem.

- Locust Valley, NY, USA


76,600 Miles

The passenger cabin filled with smoke. Apparent cause is a blown cam plug. Dealer claims cold climate causes build-up of vapor pressure in the engine. The plug blows out and oil pours onto the hot exhaust system. Dealer claims they have seen this before, and that a cold climate kit that is used in Canada resolves the issue. But Land Rover will not pay for the modification which cost me $296! this could have easily caused a fire of an accident.

- Merrimack, NH, USA


5,000 Miles

While applying the brake pedal, the consumer heard a loud squeaking noise. Then, the vehicle vibrated uncontrollably. Consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle, and pulled over. The vehicle was towed to the dealer for inspection, who determined the brake rotors and pads needed to be replaced, and replaced them. However, the problem recurred. The consumer stated the coolant system failed and the vehicle had electrical problems.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA


45,000 Miles

Numerous times the engine of my Freelander loses compression and the vehicle will not travel at a speed faster than 5 mph. The vehicle lurches and won't maintain a proper speed. The vehicle has been into the dealership several times. I have been told that they aren't sure what is wrong with it. Approximately 8 months ago the replaced the throttle body. The vehicle worked properly for 7 months. A month ago it happened again. This time I was on the expressway in between semi trucks. The vehicle lost speed and I could not trace faster than 5 mph. I was able to get the vehicle off to the side of the road. I let it cool down for 20 minutes. When I started the vehicle it was able to drive. I took it to the dealership and they said that they didn't know what the problem was. However, they did state, "we have been having problems with this model." I was told to drive the vehicle home and bring it back if it happened again. One week later, it happened again on the highway. Again' I let it cool down, and I was able to get it home. I made contact with the dealership and Land Rover of North America, and not once have they asked to see the vehicle, offer to fix it, look at it. All the have attempted to do is for me to trade up to a discovery. The vehicle sits in my driveway because it is too dangerous to drive and Land Rover refuses to take the vehicle back, or even offer to fix it.

- Saline, MI, USA