AR6400-D is not a standard fuel system and engine cleaner. AR6400-D has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of modern diesel vehicles by removing particulate matter (soot) buildup from post combustion systems.  Use AR6400-D to help remedy blocked DPFs, dirty EGR systems and stuck wastegates and variable turbochargers, all of which cause drivability issues.


AR6400-D’s detergents remove deposits in the fuel system, on injectors and in the combustion chamber helping restore power and fuel efficiency. AR6400-D also boosts cetane.


Use AR6400-D every 5,000 miles or as required.  For best results between treatments use AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex at every fill-up.  Long term use of AR6200 may eliminate the need for AR6400-D.

AR6400-G fuel system and engine cleaner uses PEA (polyetheramines) and PIBSA detergents to remove deposits on intake valves, injectors and in the fuel system and combustion chamber. Use AR6400-G to eliminate rough idling and increase fuel efficiency.


AR6400-G will combat pre-ignition, increasing power and response.


AR6400-G is suitable for 4-stroke gasoline engines. It is not suitable for 2-stroke engines.



16oz/473ml bottle