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Repair Shops

Forth Worth Rover

Jean Saba, Owner/Operator

Factory Trained Land Rover Technician

7800 Camp Bowie West

Forth Worth, TX 76116

(817) 244-6984

North Texas British,

11324 Mathis Avenue

Dallas, TX 75229, USA

(972) 869-4881


Improve fuel economy
Eliminate metal-to-metal contact
Reduce operating temperature & wear
Reduce machine failures and repair costs
Reduce noise and vibration
Swell seals 1 1/2 % to 3% and then lubricates them to prevent wear
Reduce oil leakage
Clean sludge and deposits from surfaces
Eliminate & prevent rust and corrosion

Recommended for ALL gas & diesel engines.

This product line is used at Jay Leno's garage, click on the Arch Oil to view the video