Rust Remover

AR5100 is an industrial grade pH neutral (not acidic) rust and oxidation remover that quickly and effectively removes even the heaviest corrosion from metals.

AR5100 works through a process called chelation in which a large synthetic molecule forms a strong bond with metal oxides (rust), but not with the host metal, and then pulls the rust from the surface.


AR5100 removes all corrosion from the metal surfaces and unlike most other products it does not form a patina or convert the rust to a new material. Save money with AR5100 by removing rust from all surfaces including hard to reach areas without using time consuming mechanical removal methods.


AR5100 will remove rust from steel, iron, brass, copper, chrome and other metals and alloys while leaving most other materials – plastic, rubber, paint etc. unharmed.

When mixed with water at the indicated dilution rate of 15:1, AR5100 represents an excellent value of less than $15 per gallon created.


  • Fast-acting

  • Works on ferrous and non-ferrous metals

  • pH neutral: NOT ACIDIC

  • Non-flammable, non-toxic and non-hazardous

  • Prevents flash rusting

  • Can be reused numerous times before chemistry is depleted

  • High concentration: Dilute 1:15 in water


Dilute with water up to 1:15 (1 part AR5100 + 15 parts water)

Immerse item in diluted solution and let soak until all oxidation is removed.

AR5100 can operate from 65F to 160F but works faster at elevated temperatures (120F+). Increasing the temperature decreases the amount of time to remove oxidation, especially on heavily rusted metals.

Let soak for between 1-8 hours


AR5100 has a neutral pH and is safe on all metals

AR5100 will not harm plastics, rubbers or paints



  • 16oz

  • Gallon