Restoration Interior Services

​Let us bring you worn out interior back to life; below, you will find a full interior repair, we repaired the cracked leather on the steering wheel worn seats and added a touch of class

Steering Wheel prior to repair and dying process

Steering Wheel repaired and the additional tear down in process

More tear out, we completed the following repairs to this P38 Range Rover; replaced water pump, radiator, heater core, thermostat and broken door handle on front right door.

This vehicle had to be completely torn out due to a rodent and spider infestation; we spliced the wiring harness and eliminating the shorts created on the system, cleaned and killed any bacteria/greams created.

During the repair phase, we replace all cluster bulbs​

Seat completed in the dye process, ready to be re-installed.

Due to an exhaust manifold leak, this vehicle will undergo a major engine tear down

More pictures of the interior going back together

Other work performed to a P38 Rover